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Turkey stuffed with dried fruits

Here is an original way to cook turkey with this turkey recipe stuffed with dried fruits.Ingredients for 4 people: 1 turkey of 4kg150 g of butter1 l of poultry stock50 cl of dry white wine3 onions2 carrots2 bay leaves3 cloves of garlic Thyme Blossom salt, freshly ground pepper For the stuffing: 150 g of sausage meat 80 g of chicken livers 150 g of chopped veal shoulder 3 slices of sandwich bread 15 cl of cream 3 eggs 2 tablespoons of flour 4 shallots 1 pinch of 4 spices Zest of 1 / 2 orange 4 dried figs 5 dates 6 dried apricots 80 g raisins Fine salt, Freshly ground pepper Turkey stuffed with dried fruits Preparation of the stuffing: - Remove the crust from the slices of bread and keep the crumb.
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Chili con carne!

Chili con carne is a delicious dish made with beef and chili. Originally from Texas, there are many variations of which here is an excellent one Ingredients for 4 people: 300g dried red beans 2 bay leaves 2 onions 3 cloves of garlic 3 large tomatoes 1 can of corn (medium size) 25 g butter 500 g minced steak 25 cl tomato juice 1 tsp.
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Pumpkin curry

Autumn marks the arrival of pumpkins, their delicious recipes and colors. Here is an original and slightly spicy idea with this pumpkin curry.Preparation: 20 minCooking: 40 minIngredients for 4 people: 2 onions1 tsp. tablespoons sunflower oil 30 g clarified butter 200 g red lentils 1 tsp.
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Carpaccio of Saint-Jacques with clementines and cappuccino

Delicious starter made with Saint-Jacques, here is the Carpaccio of Saint-Jacques with clementines and cappuccino. Ingredients for 4 people: For the carpaccio: 6 clementines 1 tsp. tablespoons of olive oil 12 scallops 100 g of lamb's lettuce Flower of salt Freshly ground pepper For the cappuccino: 20 cl of whole milk 2 pistils of saffron Scallop carpaccio with clementines and cappuccino For the carpaccio: - Wash the scallops under a stream of water and pat them dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.
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Breaded zucchini, curry sauce

Ideal to accompany meat and fish, this recipe for breaded zucchini with curry sauce is a treat. Ingredients for 4 people: 1 clove of garlic, 2 stirred yogurts, 1/2 tsp. of curry2 zucchini1 / 2 bunch of coriander1 egg4 tsp. tablespoons flour 30 g breadcrumbs 1 drizzle of oil Salt Peel, degerm and crush the garlic clove in a garlic press.
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Repotting orchids

Repotting an orchid is an important step in the speed of the plant. Repotting well cannot be improvised ... After having blessed yourself with a beautiful flowering, your orchid seems a little bland and you do not know how to restore its tone. One of the first steps to perform is to repot it in a new pot.
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